My battery doesn't work. What should I do?

  1. turn battery OFF
  2. Remove battery from bike
  3. plug charger into battery FIRST (battery should not be plugged into wall until next step.
  4. plug charger into wall outlet SECOND
  5. light indicator on charger should quickly go from green to red to indicate it's charging
  6. Once fully charged, the light on charger will go to green.
  7. Unplug charger from wall
  8. Unplug charger from battery

Some additional points to consider regarding the battery:

Battery should always be off when installing or removing from bike (basically if the bike isn't moving or expected to be moving very soon - it should be off). The charging cycle should not be interrupted until it is completed. When battery is still charging (light has not yet turned back to green) the battery should not be unplugged. The charging cycle times will vary but times of 4-6 hours are normal.

  • Charging times over 9 hours are not normal.
  • Battery should not be stored on the charger.
  • Battery should not be stored in "ON" position.
  • Battery should not be stored in extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

For video tutorials on the above steps, please click here.

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