How do I remove my SONDORS Thin battery without the key?


• If the bike is powered up you will need to shut it down. Shut off the thumb throttle by pressing the grey button once then switch the batteries rocker Power switch to the "OFF" position. (The switch is accessible behind the circular rubber cap on the riders right side of the battery compartment).

• Disconnect the battery from the sliver controller by rotating the threaded collar counter clockwise on the metal connection socket.


• Cover the metal receiver for the socket with the black rubber cap attached to the receiver collar

• Locate the battery lock latch on the upper corner of the thin side of the battery above the lock face. It should be just visible in the cable compartment just above the upper corner of the battery.

• With your left hand grasping the battery in the hand recess on the on the battery's horizontal side, carefully use a screw driver or a allen wrench to press the latch downward past the catch wall in the cable area that it latches into.

• This is a little difficult but if you press the battery inward it can make take some of the pressure off the latch and make it a little easier for the latch to depress and release the battery.

• When the battery latch has been pressed down past the catch wall the battery can be tilted forward out of the bike using your left hand.



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